Snaffle Bit Golden Wings 2262

Snaffle Bit Double Breaking

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94.50 €
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Snaffle Bit Golden Wings, double breaking, 2262 by Stubben STEELtec

Bar Diameter 14 mm
Golden Wings Stubben Steeltec
STEELtec's Golden Wings Bits combines the advantages of 2-ring and lateral eggbutts snaffle bits.
Side discs offer maximum safety to the horse
• Ergonomic shape, pleasant touch
• Protect corners of horse's mouth, do not pinch
• No nutcracking effect on horse's bars
• Soft directive action
• The horse more willingly follows the pulls of the hand, especially with the outer reins.
double brisure STEELtec Mon Cheval Sellerie
The double breaking provides a great comfort to the horse which naturally accepts better the bit.
• No painful pressure on the palate.
• Improved pressure distribution in the horse's mouth.
• No nutcracker effect
• Facilitates communication between horse and rider.
sweet copper stubben steeltec mon cheval sellerie
STEELtec Sweet Copper is an alloy with a high amount of copper which participates in a better acceptance of the bit by the horse.
• Sweet Copper is a compound of: solid copper 90%, iron 7% and Aluminum 3% (nickel free) Sweet copper is a very strong alloy.
• Copper gives a pleasant flavor to the horse in contact with his mouth, which causes him to chew and salivate, thus relaxing his jaw.
Rings Diameter 70 mm
Material Bar is sweet copper
Rings in high qualiy inox.

A best seller patented by Stubben!

This bit is characterized by the golden side wings: the Golden Wings.

The double breaking bit is very nice for the horse's mouth.
Suitable for all types of equestrian riding, races and different levels.
Also appreciated by novice riders or professionals.

Severity  severité de mors 1 mon cheval sellerie
Novice Rider  mors très approprié mon cheval sellerieVery appropriate
Novice Horse  mors très approprié mon cheval sellerieVery appropriate
Experienced Rider  mors très approprié mon cheval sellerieVery appropriate
Experienced Horse  mors très approprié mon cheval sellerieVery appropriate



The choice of high quality materials: Sweet copper and stainless steel.
Control from design to manufacturing.
The sense of detail to bring ergonomic shapes and increase the durability of the bits.
The commitment of a company more than 100 years and recognized throughout the world for the quality of its products.

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