Shipping costs

The shipping costs listed below are not valid for fence equipment.

Area or Country


Shipping costs


From 0 to 99,99 € of purchase

7,00 €

From 100 € of purchase


Area 1

From 0 to 149,99 € of purchase

10,00 €

From 150 € of purchase


Area 2

From 0 to 149,99 € of purchase

12,00 €

From 150 € of purchase


Area 3

Depending of the volume and weight of the parcel.

The shipping costs are directly indicated in the shopping cart according to the country of delivery that you have chosen.


Area 4

Area 5

Area OM 1

Area OM 2

Detailed areas:

Area OM 1 :Guadeloupe (including St Barthélémy and St Martin), Martinique, Reunion, Guyana, Mayotte and St Pierre and Miquelon.

Area OM 2 :New Caledonia and Dependencies, French Polynesia, Wallis and Futuna, French Southern and Antarctic Lands.

Area 1 :Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg

Area 2 :UK, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria.

Area 3 :Denmark, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania.

Area 4 :Greece, Iceland, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Turkey, the Maghreb, Spain and Portugal specific territory (Canary Islands, Balearic Islands, Ceuta, Melilla, the Azores, Madeira), other countries of Eastern Europe.

Area 5 :USA, Canada, Australia, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, India, Russia, Israel.

Shipping costs for fence equipment will be indicated by a quotation sent to te customer.

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