Pelham Rubber Bit 2242

Pelham in Rubber

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94.50 €
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Pelham Bit, single breaking, rubber, 2242 by Stubben STEELtec

Bar Diameter 16 mm  
Branches Lower part : 5 cm
Material High quality inox.
Bars covered in rubber.
Specifications The Pelham is a bit that can be used with 2 pairs of reins and which will act independently on the bars and corners of the horse's mouth.
It is highly appreciated by the CSO and for the cross-country but it is also a very good educational bit of transition towards the bridle.
Avantages of the rubber bars :
- Soft and comfortable in the horse's mouth
- The bar measuring 16 mm of the rubber bit is thinner than most of the other bits in the same genre. This makes the bit much more ergonomic and minimizes the risk of friction and heating on the horse's bars.
- Not recommended for horses that chew on their bits, the rubber will quickly deteriorate.
Characteristics Pelhams Stubben Steeltec:
- Stubben Steeltec branches are short for quick action with minimal hand action. Very useful for short corners.
- The flat stainless steel curb chain ensures the adjustment while preserving the lips from pinches.
- Special hooks make adjusting the curb easier.
Severity  sévérité 3-5 Stubben Steeltec Mon Cheval sellerie
Novice Rider  mors assez approprié, mon cheval sellerieCould be appropriate with experienced horse
Novice Horse  mors pas approprié, mon cheval sellerie Not appropriate
Experienced Rider  mors approprié mon cheval sellerieAppropriate
Experienced Horse  mors approprié mon cheval sellerieAppropriate



The choice of high quality materials: Sweet copper and stainless steel.
Control from design to manufacturing.
The sense of detail to bring ergonomic shapes and increase the durability of the bits.
The commitment of a company more than 100 years and recognized throughout the world for the quality of its products.

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