Pelham Bit 2241 Easy Control

Pelham Easy Control

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94.50 €
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Pelham Bit, Easy Control, 2241 by Stubben STEELtec

Bar Diameter 12 mm for the sizes 105 and 120
Diameter 14 mm for sizes 125 to 145
Easy Control STEELtec Mon Cheval Sellerie
The Easy Control system consists of double-breaking bit that locks in straight when pressure is exerted by the hand.
• Quick and easy communication between horse and rider.
• Optimal effect with discreet hand actions.
• Effective impact due to locking effect
• As soon as the horse accepts the order, the bit resumes a pleasant suppleness in the horse's mouth.
• This bit allows the horse to not fear the pulls by the hand and to be progressive unlike those effects seen too frequently with bits that are too aggressive.
• Especially appreciated by CSO riders.
• The Easy Control effect is effective for the education of young horses. The coaches speak of a "self-taught" action since many horses self-restrain as soon as the bit locks in straight.
Branches Lower part : 4 cm for the sizes 105 and 120
Lower part : 5 cm for sizes 125 to 145
Material High quality inox.

This Pelham Bit Easy Control is particularly suitable for horses trying to escape from control of the hand. Very appreciated by the riders of CSO, it allows them to take the horse before the obstacle without exerting an action too severe. Under firm action, the bit stiffens and becomes straight, as soon as the horse follows the control of the hand, the bit recovers its suppleness.

The Pelham is a bit that can be used with 2 pairs of reins and which will act independently on the bars and corners of the horse's mouth.

It is highly appreciated by the CSO and for the cross-country but it is also a very good educational bit of transition towards the bridle.

In dressage, this bit can be used as a transition bit between the simple bit and the weymouth bit.
This bit is aimed at riders knowing how to dose the pulls by the  hands and wishing to have reactions with light but effective hands.

Characteristics Pelhams Stubben Steeltec:
- Stubben Steeltec branches are short for quick action with minimal hand action. Very useful for short corners.
- The flat stainless steel curb chain ensures the adjustment while preserving the lips from pinches.
- Special hooks make adjusting the curb easier.

Severity  severité de mors 3 à 6 mon cheval sellerie
Novice Rider  mors assez approprié, mon cheval sellerieCould be appropriate with experienced horse
Novice Horse  mors pas approprié, mon cheval sellerie Not appropriate
Experienced Rider  mors approprié mon cheval sellerieAppropriate
Experienced Horse  mors approprié mon cheval sellerieAppropriate




The choice of high quality materials: Sweet copper and stainless steel.
Control from design to manufacturing.
The sense of detail to bring ergonomic shapes and increase the durability of the bits.
The commitment of a company more than 100 years and recognized throughout the world for the quality of its products.

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