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Helmet "Référence" by Antarès

The Antares Référence Helmet is characterized by its matte shell combined with leather inserts and jugular.
Antarès saddlery demonstrates here its dedication to its high quality leather material and its know-how in the tradition of the equestrian sport.
The leathers have benefited from scotchguard treatment which protects them against the rain.
2 colors available: Black or Black / Natural.

Sizes of Antarès Helmets
Antarès helmets are available in sizes 54 to 59.
The 2 shell sizes cover several sizes for the circumference of the head thanks to the removable inner foam pads. 

Size of Shell S M
Size of Helmet 54 55 56 57 58 59

The custom helmet from Antarès is also accredited for cross-country thanks to its supple visor.

Comfort & Support : 
Lightweight (580g), airy and extremely comfortable, it adjusts perfectly to the shape of your head thanks to the additional pads that are placed on each side or according to the shape of your head to the front and to the back of the helmet.
The jugular that adjusts to the head, ensures that the helmet is held in place, during riding or falling actions.

Antarès Guarantee : 
All workmanship is guaranteed for 1 year.
Has your helmet suffered a shock during a fall and you want to test its reliability? Antarès tests the cap for a fee of 30 €. Contact us for more information.

Article 7.2 § C 
« The helmet is designed to absorb some of the energy from a shock with a partial destruction of the cap or inner padding, or both. This damage may not be visible and therefore any helmet that has been hit must be destroyed and replaced with a new »
This means that no helmet can be repaired. 
In addition, the manufacturer's guarantee does not cover the damages caused by the helmet's use, especially in the event of a fall.

Note* The security standards are only valid in the EU and not in the UK

Maintenance of Antarès helmet:
Leather: Clean with a damp sponge with glycerine soap from time to time.
Glossy shell: A wet sponge is enough for maintenance. Do not use abrasive sponges.
Inside pads: They are removable and machine washable at 30 °.

Riders wearing Antarès helmets :
Philippe Le Jeune, World Champion 2010
Virginie Atger, 
Cédric Lyard, Olympic Champion CCE,
Alizée Froment, International Dressage Rider
Horse Ball Team of Bordeaux Blanzac


Technical information:
Shell: in ABS has the function of the dispersion of the shock as well as an optimal resistance to the perforation
Bandeau: Made of polycarbonate (very solid) covered with a customizable vinyl film.
6 ABS ventilators. Maximum opening allowed to pass standard EN 1384 and ASTM F 1163.
Jugular: leather treated Teflon (waterproof) and foam PU of 3 mm. The interior lined with lamb. Fixed to the helmet by stainless steel rivets, while many other brands of helmets only glue the jugular.
Visor: made of LDPE that provides flexibility in the event of a fall and is covered with leather like front and back inserts and jugular.
Inner Hard Foam Shell: in PSE, crash-absorbing capacity
PU foam pads: allow the shape of the head to be matched to the shape of the helmet and create a positive reaction to the movement of the pump effect which ensures the passage and renewal of the air. They are covered with fabrics resistant to different aggressions (sweat, heat, dust ...).


Materials found in the technical information:
PSE: a foamed polymer which is a consumer plastic, which has an ability to absorb shocks.
ABS: Acrylonite butadiene Styrene is a thermoplastic used by the industry for rigid, light and molded products (hull, fairing helmet)
PC: polycarbonate is an extremely shock resistant thermoplastic (bulletproof glazing, helmet, car taillights)
PU: polyurethane is a plastic polymer found in various forms, the most common is the foam used for its comfort.
LDPE: Low-density polyethylene is a thermoplastic, the main applications of LDPE are flexible products.




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