Dressage Saddle Excalibur Mono

Dressage Saddle

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3,460.00 €
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Dressage Saddle Excalibur Muno by Stübben

  • Mono-flap dressage saddle
  • Thanks to its combined flap, the rider is very close to his horse *
  • The softness of the padding provides great comfort for the leg and thigh
  • The length of the front knee blocks provides the rider with optimal support.
  • Very deep seated saddle.
  • Round cantle.
  • Wool pading.
  • Very pronounced front knee block: very good leg hold.
  • Smooth full-grain cowhide, tinted in aniline mass treatment, vegetal tanning: excellent materials.
  • Option Biomex.
  • Openings of gullet at 27 cm to XW

The flexible saddle tree of Stübben allows the perfect union between the rider and the horse.

Strong and flexible at the same time, the Stübben saddle tree protects the gullet of the horse and keeps the saddle in the right position: at the back of the horse's shoulder.
The stirrup arches, unbreakable and stainless steel, are included with the saddle, allowing the stirrup leathers not to come out in an awkward way thus promoting the contact of the rider with the horse.

Exclusive to Stübben BIOMEX technology.
Stübben, in collaboration with the Biomex Technology Development Center at the St. Moritz Gut Clinic, the Swiss Leading Hospital for Sports and the professional riders, has developed a saddle seat for an extremely comfortable sit.
The Stübben Biomex technology takes into account the anatomical deviation of the 2 ischial bones by offering 2 orthopedic foam cushions, which are located in the area of contact of the bones. These cushions are separated by a space to reduce the pressure on the bottom of the column and on the sensitive areas of the perineum.
This supporting action allows a healthier position for the whole musculoskeletal activity of the rider. Recall that, well practiced, riding is a benign sport for the spine.


Biomex Stubben

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